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I'm an arts management worker/ artist/ designer. I work at Accessible Arts in administration and bookkeeping, but also work on various freelance activities from photography to graphic design. I'm Associate Partner at the ARI, the Big Fag Press, board member of Runway Australian Experimental Art and occasionally work at Bailey and Yang Consultants. My creative work has often been driven by social issues and commentary. This blog started as a way of documenting research for my honours year at uni, which I have continued, in order to gather inspiration for future artistic practice.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Last year I worked on a mini-project through the Big Fag Press with artists from Squatspace (as I mentioned, my "internship" involves meeting a steady stream of artists from various places who work with us in collaboration from Artspace, FirstDraft Gallery, the MCA, The Cross Art Projects and many more). Anyway, on this particular day I met Keg de Souza (and her beautiful husky Dodo). We printed with her a few months later for her project in Primavera as a sort of experiment on the Press - she needed printing on a large sheet of perspex, which we hadn't done before, but it worked out beautifully.

[Image sourced from Keg's own flickr page]

The perspex was turned into a lightbox and put inside this large inflatable construction made of recycled umbrellas called Impossible Utopia.

[Image sourced from Keg's Impossible Utopia blog]

Anyway, the reason I mention Keg, is because Lucas directed me to a site called Pozible where Keg has recently been successful in gaining crowd funding for one of her projects as part of an artist's residency where she needed the money for flights to New York.

Since I'm going to be using the Big Fag Press in my major work, I really wanted to do a print sometime this summer (and also because it would be nice to finally establish myself as a professional artist).

I've applied to Pozible for a project, you can support me at loveislove.pozible.com.au.

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