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I'm an arts management worker/ artist/ designer. I work at Accessible Arts in administration and bookkeeping, but also work on various freelance activities from photography to graphic design. I'm Associate Partner at the ARI, the Big Fag Press, board member of Runway Australian Experimental Art and occasionally work at Bailey and Yang Consultants. My creative work has often been driven by social issues and commentary. This blog started as a way of documenting research for my honours year at uni, which I have continued, in order to gather inspiration for future artistic practice.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Other Worlds Zine Fair

The Big Fag Press has decided to withdraw our participation in the Sydney Writer’s Festival MCA Zine fair this year. We will instead redirect our energy by taking part in an alternative event - the Other Worlds Zine Fair.

Our decision comes after much deliberation. We are opposed to the Abbott government's Operation Sovereign Borders scheme which violates refugee and human rights. The recent expanded involvement by MCA sponsor Transfield in offshore detention centres in Nauru and Manus Island is something we at Big Fag Press take a stand against.

The Big Fag Press does not wish to endorse an event which is supported by money raised from the mandatory detention of refugees.

We are hopeful that awareness raised, no matter how small, will have an effect on the conscience and opinions of everyday Australians, which will in turn eventuate in changes to federal discriminatory laws.

Please come along to this event and say hey to us. The facebook event is here. I am personally making a zine for sale and we're taking along a lot of our latest prints!

Latest from Runway Australian Experimental Art

I am proud to announce to the release of our latest issue #24 ISLANDS!

Our launch was a huge success with a small exhibition and a performance by Sumugan Sivanesan. The new issue is up online now: http://runway.org.au/

We're also slowly releasing the archive of all of our print magazines. We put up issue #14 FUTURES a while ago: http://runway.org.au/archive/futures/ and are working towards releasing #15 LIES. Extracting text and images from the original design files and contacting previous contributors is a slow process, but will be well worthwhile once we have all the previous issues up and an amazing directory of artists, arts writers and editors on our website. I'm on there too, of course.

We're really getting into a rhythm of callouts, launches, releasing issues and thinking ahead to future issues. I'm very excited about the theme of issue #15 which I won't reveal yet, but get excited, because I think it will be really astounding.

It is a pleasure to thank the Australia Council for the Arts who have funded our next two issues.