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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


[Logo created by a classmate and circulated for the specific purposes of the Open House event]

On the topic of individuality, I have to say I found a lot of inspiration in an inter-disciplinary subject I studied in 2010 Situational City. The subject revolved around creating an event that described the city, kind of like a miniature "pop-up gallery" Open House. In my group of design students from different disciplines we decided to research and come up with some kind of social commentary in the form of artwork about individuality in the progressive city of Sydney.

[My group's logo designed by yours truly]

Unmasked is video projection art about a series of individuals who call Sydney their city, getting ready in their homes for a night out on the town. It aims to recognise the idiosyncrasies and individuality which makes us all special and intriguing; and uncover -if only a little- the mask we put on for the outside world.  

"We all wear masks and the time comes when we cannot remove them without removing our own skin."
-André Berthiaume

[Image created by Sam Scopelliti and circulated for the purposed of our project Un-Masked]

[Collaborative project created by myself and my group]

My reflection article Situationist Times can be read here.

This event inspired many after it, I know a classmate and Visual Communications student of mine Kate Disher-Quill continued her Situational City inspired work for her major project Our Town, and Jessica Kirkby held an event EX as part of her Fashion Media project EX magazine. I also believe the Open House concept was revisited as a "Part II" in 2011 by the students undertaking the same subject.

I like the thought of creating "situations" as part of my final year project too, but I'll save my ideas for later posts.

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