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Monday, July 30, 2012

Cartoon Collaboration

I've met with my cartoonist Justin White a few times now, we brainstormed a lot of ideas and he's running with some mock-ups to show me. It's been tricky getting the balance of satire and intellect without being crude or derogatory.

I came up with some paradoxes I see in the world of fashion/ beauty:

- Designers using a size 8/10 mannequin to design for the Australian female (average size 14).- People are more likely to buy fashion if they see it worn by a person whom they have something physically in common with.
- Fast fashion's flaw: how do you design something good, and make it obsolete when the new season comes around?
- The paradox of selling fashion to females through sexualised images of females.
- How can the standard of beauty sit so far away from what a human being is biologically programed to find attractive & healthy?
- Women shave/ wax their body hair but them wear fur.- Gender differences - men desire to be a size/ weight that is attractive and generally healthy & women, despite feminism, find a "fragile" body attractive.
- Androgynous designers who still put their female models in high heels.
- Trying to help women's low self esteem by putting an un-retouched image of a supermodel on a magazine cover.
- Chain stores who lower all their sizes so that a normally size 10 woman will want to buy a dress because the size 6 fits her.
- The fashion designer's "legacy" - where to place the button on a shirt is of great importance to the world.
- The idea brought up on Seinfeld - models being counterproductive to the fashion industry - with all these beautiful women, who's looking at the clothes?
- Pun on highly conceptually driven fashion that looks exactly the same - "I wonder if my profound feelings on the fragility of human life are evident in the drape of this fine silk fabric?"

Then together we came up with these ideas for cartoons:

- A woman deciding between two dresses (in a chain store), and the deciding factor in her choice was that in one of them she fits into the size 6.

- Two magazines side by side with images of child models, exactly the same, only on one, there's a blurb which says "un-retouched image".

- A group of designers looking at a line of auditioning female models, and deciding they don't like any of them, and then end up choosing the male intern - comes from the idea of Andrej Pejic, the androgynous model.

- A calendar showing trends in fashion, "yellow is the new black", then "tartan is the new yellow", progressively getting more ridiculous.

- A world which has adapted to fit in with fashion, namely doorframes for specific headdresses.

- A cardboard cutout placed slightly on the side with the caption "celebrity finally reaches goal weight".

- Or a cardboard cut out with a model, and a woman who looks exactly the same, in the same clothes looking at it saying "I wish I looked like her".

- Cars with prints the same as people's clothing, perhaps the same as some printed jeans that are popular at the moment?

- Bears wearing human skins and other bears protesting about being "anti-skin".

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