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Monday, July 30, 2012

Free Money!

I came across this on facebook - Doug Eaton decided to spend his 65th birthday doing good deeds for others. He wrote out this sign and was giving away $5 notes to passers by.

I like this idea because it has beautiful anti-superficial ideas and a strong focus on getting people to think about their social responsibility. To me it says, you know, if you have the basic financial situation to provide for the things you really need, then you're doing okay, and if you can't afford that huge screen tv, you'll probably still survive. I think when asked for money from the homeless, everyone at least occasionally thinks, "well, I need my money" (I know I do). But as the sign says, if you have the basics, you can always afford a few dollars. ((Says me, who's just purchased a shiny laptop!!))

Of course, I tend not to like giving out money because I want to know what happens to my few dollars, which is why I'm always giving away my lunch instead!

It was suggested on a blog somewhere I read that this guy is probably religious. I find that a little presumptuous. Can atheists not do good deeds?

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