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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Anish Kapoor

I've been wanting to do a post about Anish Kapoor's exhibition at the MCA for about a week since I went to see it. Incidentally, I did love it. From a structural point of view it is amazing, he really has an understanding of the minds of his audience, and how they interact with his work. The works I found most interesting are ones I couldn't photograph - the squares of fabric on (in?) the wall which make you doubt your own sense of 3D perception, and the solid concave structure hanging which seems to change shape as you move closer towards it and then retreat backwards. I'd love to be a gallery minder for this exhibition - it must be great watching visitors try to understand objects that trick their minds by moving their heads around in strange ways, and trying to touch physical objects that appear closer than they are.

....however, nothing beats his "Gangnam for Freedom":

[Video: Anish Kapoor]

(I confess I am a little bit obsessed with Gangnam style - especially how it's been used for advertising like this).

Anyway, although I loved the current exhibition, I always have more to say when I can think about a work conceptually rather than structurally. Last month on twitter, one of my friends retweeted a post which said, "Someone should commission Anish Kapoor to design a giant funhouse for kids". It was a little like that!

I have some of my photos from the exhibition on Instagram (louisekateanderson):

Is it there, or isn't it? #anishkapoor #mca

 I always wondered what my legs looked 
like from this angle #anishkapoor #mca 

Sky Mirror #anishkapoor #mca

[3 images are mine]

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