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Monday, February 20, 2012

A Quote

Fais du bien à ton corps pour que ton âme ait envie d'y rester...

I just saw a friend of mine post this quote on facebook. It roughly translates to "Take care of your body so your soul will want to stay there".

It reminded me of a few thoughts I've had lately, about the idea of our bodies as a "vessel". Which sounds slightly religious especially in the context of your soul wanting to stay in this "vessel", but I don't think it necessarily has to be viewed in this way.

I think sometimes (especially in youth) humans don't look at their bodies as something that is precious, that is irrepreably linked to their life. We often don't think ahead when we make choices in life, as to how those choices will affect our bodies.

How we view our bodies has changed a lot over the last few generations, and I think sometimes short-term self esteem and how we look, the things we like to do in our lives have blinded us to the fact that people used to place more importance on the long-term health of our bodies.

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