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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

EXPORT: Graduate Show

I found many things inspiring at EXPORT, the Visual Communication Graduate Show from last year. I thought I'd do a post to collate my inspiration.

*All images taken from the EXPORT Graduate show website unless expressely mentioned.

Karina Lee - The Space Between

This book inspired me both conceptually and visually. It presented a sense of abstract perspective on the world - that just like being able to read between the lines of a page, perhaps we should be looking for "the space between" in life, in the world. The typography, photography and layout work was inspired by a kind of unity between art and science. I believe the inspiration for the work was to discover a kind of beauty and magnificence in science. It made me think of ways to try and re-discover the beauty in what I'm about to undertake this year.

Emmalie Narathipakorn - Basically Happy

Basically happy was interesting to me because it incorporated quotes and opinons of individual people and the perspective of the concept of happiness through their eyes. I liked the psychology behind it - afterall, happiness itself is such a widely misunderstood and stereotyped idea, perhaps people of the modern world only know that they're happy when they're not constantly wondering if they're not.

Joanna Grygierczyk - Hunters and Googlers

I liked Hunters and Googlers because of the truth in the social commentary. And that truth is, when faced with a problem or a question or even a basic instinct, a world with access to the internet has a desire, sometimes beyond one that is rational, to "Google" the problem. I don't think I'm the only one who has, on a bored or lonely night typed the words I see below into Google, and wonder maybe if Google will respond. It made me recall a night maybe a year ago I spent a good half hour talking to Cleverbot, which through an artificial intelligence database of language basically responds to you in Instant Messenger as if it were a real person - mostly quite amusing.

Lindy Napier - Femme Enigmatique

This work mainly inspired me by the way the leaflet was put together - essentially a stack of folded paper circles glued specifically on 2 of the 4 edges. It was beautiful the way it opened out and presented the work in rather an abstract way.

[Photographs of Femme Enigmatique taken by me at the EXPORT exhibition]

Stephanie Hing - In Retrospect

In Retrospect looks at everyday amazing things that perhaps with advancements in technology and lifestyle, one day may be obsolete. I liked the concept and the photography.

Bettina Pham -Vanoir

The minimalistic photography in this project really appealed to me.

Chantelle Lorge - Today

Today is mostly a photography project collated within a book that looks at the transience of what seem to be unimportant events in one's lifetime, yet if for some reason (like Alzheimer's Disease), you would one day forget them, well, the tragedy of those lost tiny bits of beauty in a single moment. The classic lesson - Carpe Diem. 

Dena Taiebet & Kate Disher-Quill - Our Town

I've mentioned Kate Disher-Quill before, she and I collaborated in our Open House project. This is her sequel if you like, to that. She got specific quotes about the feelings of individuals in her city and did a lot of beautiful portraiture work, and then exhibited these pieces of truth on projections in laneways and cliffs. I like the idea of facing the truths about other people and being unafraid to speak them.

It reminds me of this quote I once heard -
"If we knew each other's secrets, what comforts we should find" -  John Churton Collins.

Teresa Tan - Sleep Deprivation and the Joy of Losing Grip

This video can be found on "Tezatron" Teresa Tan's website (which by the way has a lot of other cool photography and stuff). It's about a specific mental atmosphere about emotional 'inertia' and in Teresa's words largely inspired by the concept of "Weltschmerz".

Ashleigh Steel - Everyday, everyday

This here is another project that celebrates the seemingly banal moments of existence, but when you look a little closer at these things, you realise that sometimes the tiny stupid things are worth a thought, a consideration. I love the toothbrushes.

Thomas Fethers - En Masse

En Masse interests me both from an extraordinary visual and typographic element, as well as this witty concept which sees him looking at (and sometimes judging) Social Media as essentially, a faith or religion, which truthfully, sometimes it can feel a bit like that. The whole project is a satire of the contemporary world of facebook, twitter, posts, tags, likes, shares, pokes, etc. It's quite clever.

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