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Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Political Standpoint

It has come to my attention, from my classes today on correct professional practice, that anything posted on the internet is essentially published on a public arena. It's not that I didn't know this fact before, but rather I didn't know the real consequences that can come from speaking out against or "rubbishing" for lack of a better word, another person or their work.

Now, my project is going to force me to tread carefully on this issue. I am seeking to satirise and criticise the fashion industry. That is not going to earn me a lot of friends through popularity. Obviously, the goal of any designer/ artist is not to alienate the design world. So I wanted to write a post specifically on this issue, to illustrate my particular standpoint.

I have constantly heard over the last few days that industry professionals are seeking graduates with creative innovation that looks forward and comes up with ideas that could change or revolutionise their field of work. This is precisely my intention, and my only intention. I endeavour to contructively criticise the industry through way of social and psychological commentary that seeks to make individuals and industry question the way they practice. I realise that in undertaking such a project, I am taking a political standpoint on certain issues.

What I do not intend, is to put down or rubbish any specific product/ work/ brand/ individual or company, but rather to politely highlight the realities of what it means to be a designer/ artist/ student/ company/ model/ photographer/ advertiser or any other person who works in or comes across the industry of fashion in an increasingly consumerist world. I truly hope my work will be taken positively, and in the spirit in which it was created. If it is not, I am entirely happy to revisit my work and take a look at it from another's perspective. Please contact me if there is a need for me to do so.

I am a student, and that means I'm on a journey of learning. I hope I can be forgiven for anything I may do wrongly that is part of that learning process. I am currently researching the details of differences between educated satire and unsubstantiated denoucing or accusation. I will be holding myself and my work accountable to be polite and constructive.

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