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I'm an arts management worker/ artist/ designer. I work at Accessible Arts in administration and bookkeeping, but also work on various freelance activities from photography to graphic design. I'm Associate Partner at the ARI, the Big Fag Press, board member of Runway Australian Experimental Art and occasionally work at Bailey and Yang Consultants. My creative work has often been driven by social issues and commentary. This blog started as a way of documenting research for my honours year at uni, which I have continued, in order to gather inspiration for future artistic practice.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mentors Re-cap

Through my blog so far I have identified several potential mentors like Caryn Franklin, the founder of All Walks Beyond the Catwalk, Angel Sinclair, the founder of Models of Diversity and Sinclair Model Management, all who try to promote an ideal of beauty in diversity. I have also looked at Neil Kerber, the cartoonist who created Polly Bean, and Mark Fast the fashion designer who collborated with All Walks, and also used "plus size" models in his catwalks for several seasons. Recently I've been looking at some writers and editors of magazines. Lara Mcpherson is a fashion journalist particularly interested in issues of sustainabililty, Tullia Jack, a writer and researcher into sustainable fashion, and Mia Freedman, a former editor of several magazine, writer and advocate in women's body image, an example of her writing is here.

For my 4 mentors I have chosen Caryn Franklin, Angel Sinclair, Neil Kerber and Mia Freedman, of which I will use Caryn and Mia as my case studies.


  1. does this mean you contact them and they actually become your mentors? sounds great lou!

  2. No, not exactly. We're using the term "mentor" in more of the context of using their work as aspirations of where we may place ourselves and our projects in the industry. Though I have contacted Mamamia (Mia Freedman's web company) and the Australian spin-off of Models of Diversity, to see if maybe I can come in and see what they do.